5 Best Hot Plates for Boiling Water

5 Best Hot Plates for Boiling Water

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Looking for the Best Hot Plates for Boiling Water?

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When you have a requirement that your four burners cannot satisfy, a hot plate is the best alternative. A hot plate is a small electrical cooktop that you can use to heat your food or even boil water. You can even place it on your dining table to keep your food hot. Let’s find out more about this little portable appliance so that you can choose the best hot plate for boiling water.

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What Should ‘The Best Hot Plate for Boiling Water’ Provide?

Choosing the best hot plate for boiling water requires a bit more of your attention. 


These plates do a great job, but you need to be extra careful about the pots and pans you will place over them. If your cookware is induction-friendly or if you are planning to buy a new set, then these plates would do wonders. 


Also, consider your daily usage, how often you cook, and your cooking space. This is so because if your daily usage is too much or you stay with your siblings, it will be frustrating to cook on a single plate. In this case, you may consider buying the induction plate with two burners. 


At last, your safety is most important. The best hot plate for boiling water is the one that has an automatic shutoff feature. 

Let’s have a look at some of the best hot plates that I’ve finalized for you.

5 Best Hot Plate for Boiling Water: Our Top Picks

1.  | Best Overall

The is exceptionally efficient as it is an easy-to-use portable device. It has a safer application as it does not produce any flame or burns the surroundings. 

The best part is that it is extraordinarily lightweight; therefore, portability isn’t a problem. This plate features an LCD screen that is easy to operate with touch controls. Its versatile usage makes it highly preferred by a large population. 

It can be easily used at home, in the dorm, office, gourmet kitchen, etc. This Max Burton induction cooktop will completely satisfy your requirement.

  • One-touch LCD screen to operate boiling and simmer
  • Very easy to clean
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Sturdy material, hence durable
  • The automatic shutoff feature is unclear.

Max Burton plate

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2.  | 7-Blade Fan

This offers easy handling and storage. It provides the exclusive feature of a digital control panel that has a built-in countdown timer. 

The good thing about this cooktop is that it does not burn the food or produce any flames. This makes it easy to clean, even with a regular kitchen towel. It comes with the attractive feature of a 7-blade fan that dissipates the heat outside. 

The auto-pan detection feature is admirable as the induction automatically shuts off after 60 seconds if no cookware is placed on it. This Duxtop cookware offers you the deal at a lower price.

  • Uniform and quicker heat distribution
  • Automatic low and high warnings
  • Easy heat control system
  • Easy to clean
  • The sensor mechanism is a bit vague to understand

Duxtop hot plate

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3.  | Indicators added

The features a heavy-duty cast iron plate. It comes with a robust heating plate of about 1300-Watt. The fantastic stuff is yet to come. It has a 6-setting temperature control system from high to low. 

Two lights show ‘ready’ and ‘on’ indicators which are pretty much clear. Its extravagant design of brushed stainless steel gives your kitchen a unique elegance. This also makes it easy to clean. Non-slip rubber is added to its feet to ensure a stable position while in use. So, what else do you need?

  • Uniform and more heating than the others
  • Indicators for ‘ready food’ and ‘machine on.’
  • Offers a limited one-year warranty
  • 6 options for temperature control 
  • Generates too much heat; hence, users need to be careful.

Cuisinart hot plate

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4.  | Touchscreen LED

Apart from a classy look, this is extremely easy to operate. The water boils more quickly in this cooktop than in the others. Operating at an efficient temperature between 150 and 450 degrees, it gives you results in no time. 

The most relaxing thing is that it consumes very few units of electricity. If you are cooking food, it uniformly distributes heat everywhere. The sensor’s quality must be admired as it shuts down 60 seconds after operation. 

It comes with a touchscreen LCD screen that displays essential information about the current temperature and its settings. The alluring design and its exclusive features are what make it quite demanding.

  • Solid and sturdy design
  • Child-safe lock
  • Faster heating than the others
  • Noisier operation

Berghoff hot plate

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5.  | 1300W and 500W Plates

If you have a bigger kitchen space, the is your pick. It comes with non-slip rubber feet to ensure a non-slippery position of the stove. It perfectly fits the requirement of those who live with someone. 

This induction comes with two plates – one is of 1300-Watt and the other of 500-Watt. It has an add-on of ‘ready’ and ‘on’ indicators on both burners separately. Also, you can individually control the temperature on both sides. 

The brushed stainless-steel coating makes it easier to wipe the dust off. A big-space and Waring double burner cooktop! Indeed, a remarkable combination.

  • Brushed stainless steel makes it durable
  • Rubber feet makes it non-slippery
  • Separate temperature control settings
  • Low heating than others

Waring double burner

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Though every product offers umpteen benefits, Max Burton’s digital choice 6400 induction cooktop is my favorite. Its easy-to-use touch controls, portability, durability, and automatic shutoff makes it quite popular amongst people. 

I bet that you won’t get better features, other than those offered by Max Burton, at this price. 

Other products are practical as well. The touchscreen temperature control settings, in-built indicators, double burner with individual settings, etc., are also excellent features. But it’s your decision in the end. I hope that you are wise enough to finalize the best hot plate for boiling water.