Best Stand Mixers Under 100 Dollars

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Looking for the Best Stand Mixers Under 100 Dollars?

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If you are a kitchen expert, you would know a good stand mixer will come at quite a cost. What you don’t know is you can now find the best stand mixers under 100 dollars; this is why the research has been compiled so you can familiarize yourself with a whole lot of stand mixers and at a cost, you can easily afford. 

Low cost does not mean poor functionality and substandard features. You can enjoy the same excellent performance as you would of an expensive stand mixer. This article compiles the top products with the friendliest budget available on the market today. 

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How to Buy the Best Stand Mixers Under 100 Dollars?

If you buy one of the compiled products in this list, you will experience the stand mixers’ excellent functionality, as this article brings together a line-up of the best products at a budget. Look below for some of the features your stand mixers must-have. 

Performance and Power

Performance is one of the essential functions to consider when buying this particular kitchen equipment. It’s vital to make sure that it can handle thick dough just the same as thin liquids. Enjoy smooth operation backed by optimum power.


Another one of its many vital concerns is efficiency. Its spinning mechanism involves a revolving motion which will allow for smooth and quick mixing operations. 


It is never sensible to spend on the accessories with the mixer, and it’s better to find a basic package that will provide excellent performance. 

5 Best Stand Mixers Under 100 Dollars: Our Top Picks

1.  | Best Overall

This is precisely the tool you need to get your mixing operations right. You don’t even have to spend too many hundred dollars to get the perfect mixing performance. 

This electric stand mixer will perform just the same as any high-priced mixer will, save some money on the mixer and spend the same amount on various ingredients instead. It offers complete bowl coverage and ensures thorough mixing of all ingredients at once. 

It does not matter how thick your mixture is; it has a 300-watt powerful motor that will maintain the perfect speed needed to mix or knead any dough, heavy or smooth.

  • Versatile stand mixer
  • Made of durable stainless steel 4-quart bowl with a removable splatter shield
  • It comes with versatile attachments 
  • It can heat up quickly if used for some hours together. 

Hamilton Beach Electric Stand

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2. | Powerful

This  boasts a powerful 350-watt motor and 12 variable speed settings as well. It makes this kitchen tool the most versatile one. It even has a soft start technology that will help minimize splatters and messy flour puffs; it helps you have a clean and easy mixing operation. 

It is known for nonskid rubber feet and a tilt-locking-head for easy bowl access. With a mixer like this, you can mix almost anything you need to, as per your different cooking needs. 

One of the most highlighting features is its one-button simple attachment removal; it even has accessories that include dough hooks, whisks, chrome beaters, and 2- and 4-quart glass bowls. 

  • Efficient ingredient mixing ability
  • Versatile kitchen tool
  • It can be used in a variety of applications
  • Excellent customer service
  • Extremely hard dough results in a slightly slow operation

Sunbeam Mixmaster

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3.  | Lightweight Hand Mixer

is like your two in one lightweight hand mixer that can easily detach from its base whenever you need to do a little extra mixing to handle baking tasks. You will not face any trouble as such while working with this versatile hand mixer. 

It has 290 watts peak power and six easy adjustable speeds, so you can take on any task in the kitchen, starting from a fast whip to slow mixing. It has a bowl rest feature that will allow you to have control and comfort. 

The versatile attachments it comes with include whisk, dough hooks, and regular beaters. All these will make your mixing function even more smooth, and you will be able to have an experience you never imagined. 

  • It comes with a large stainless-steel bowl
  • Versatile attachments
  • Enjoy efficient and thorough mixing 
  • Additional accessories may feel slightly heavy 

Hamilton Beach 2

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4.  | Powerful Motor

With , you can enjoy the convenience of a handheld mixer. This particular mixer boasts a 250-watt strong motor which offers for you to operate at five different speeds according to your need. 

It has a heel rest design; additional accessories that come with this mixer also include dough hooks and chrome beaters. It comes with a 3-quart stainless steel bowl which will allow for thorough mixing. Enjoy a quick fix for your mixing and kneading requirements with this mixer. 

  • Affordable and versatile
  • Powerful motor and five-speed settings
  • Efficient and easy mixing 
  • Less effective with a thin dough 

Sunbeam 2...

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5.  | High-Performance Stand Mixer

This does not boast of a powerful motor and variable speed control alone; it allows for an excellent overall performance. With its optimized speeds and pulse function, you can easily enjoy maximum versatility and precise control of your equipment. 

It has a large capacity bowl that helps your baking bread and cakes, making cookies, muffins, and waffles. Its tilt-head design will allow clear access to the bowl and the attached beater, so you can efficiently work with the ingredients. 

  • It comes with a large stainless-steel bowl
  • Modern tilt-head and anti-slip design
  • It comes with a versatile attachment set 
  • The outer black coating might peel off after a certain amount of time

Cheftronic Mixer

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Of all the Best stand mixers under 100 dollars, Hamilton Beach 63390 is the one you were looking for always. It gives you the best mixing and kneading experience while making a valuable addition to your essential kitchen accessories. You can confidently go ahead and purchase this versatile product for the many features it has.